Caring, Practical Family Law Representation In North Florida

If you have decided to get a divorce or your spouse has filed against you, the one certainty is your life will change in dramatic ways. It is incredibly important to find a lawyer you can trust to help you make the best possible decisions.

The process of getting through divorce must begin with an open discussion of your concerns and relevant Florida laws. Experienced Panama City family law attorney Stan Peacock will listen attentively and explain what you need to know. His approach to family law matters is calm, balanced and highly effective.

Do You Need A Skilled Lawyer For Child Custody Or Alimony?

If you have children, their futures must be your primary concern. It is important to grasp that protecting your children's best interests will also be the main focus of the court. Stan Peacock will help you target the child custody arrangement best for your family and develop a strategy for making it happen.

Financial issues may also be critical. Money, the family home, vehicles and a range of other assets — as well as all marital debts — must be divided fairly. You need to know what child support payments and other obligations will apply so you can begin planning for life after divorce. You may also have property division goals involving specific assets you want to keep.

Stan Peacock's experience dealing with the complexities of military divorce, divorce for business owners, intensely disputed divorce cases and problems after divorce that call for modifications is a tremendous asset for our clients.

Guidance For Making Sound Decisions And Reaching A Fair Divorce Settlement

When a judge must decide family issues, often no one is happy with the outcome. Negotiating a mutually acceptable divorce settlement out of court is almost always the best path to take.

At Stanley E. Peacock, P.A., you can depend on the counsel you need to deal with strong emotions and look at your case objectively. With his background as a psychiatric social worker prior to decades in legal practice, Stan is adept at helping people face realities, find clarity and reach common ground.

Contact A Dedicated Attorney For Help With Your Family Law Matters

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