A Criminal Conviction Can Change Your Life

We Work To Minimize The Impact Of Any Criminal Charge

If you have been arrested in the Florida Panhandle or want to help a family member who has run into legal trouble, your decision to call Stanley E. Peacock, P.A., could make all the difference. Our Panama City law firm is an outstanding resource for local citizens, students arrested on spring break, other tourists and military personnel stationed in our area.

A Former Prosecutor And Longtime Defender Prepared To Fight For You

Stan Peacock has been handling trials in Florida courts since 1983 — as a prosecuting state's attorney for more than 20 years and as a dedicated defense lawyer ever since. Beginning with a consultation to hear your story and discuss options, he will put his knowledge and perspective right to work for you.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Criminal Cases

Stan is a respected Panama City criminal defense attorney who can handle every aspect of your misdemeanor or felony case. He will help you make sound decisions and target the best possible outcome if you are facing charges such as:

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, known as DUI or DWI — an extremely serious driving offense that can bring jail time and other life-changing consequences as well as the loss of your driving privileges.

Domestic violence, including violations of restraining orders and other conditions of release.

Other violent crimes ranging from assault, battery or robbery to rape or murder.

Drug charges from possession, cultivation or distribution of marijuana to crimes involving cocaine and prescription drugs such as OxyContin, hydrocodone and other painkillers.

Juvenile crimes such as minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), underage DUI and more.

Many clients also turn to our firm after alleged violations of probation and we have experience in record sealing and expungements.

Prompt Action Is Essential ♦ Call For A Consultation

Stan Peacock is a genuinely caring counselor and dynamic trial lawyer also trained as a psychiatric social worker. He is passionate about protecting clients' lawful rights and futures. He is always readily available to answer questions and concerns.

To talk through your needs and most important goals, contact us online or call 850-215-2112 to schedule an initial consultation. A consultation with Stan Peacock will get you the immediate advice and counsel that you will need. We accept major credit cards for all our services.