Property Division Helps Set Your Financial Foundation For Post-Divorce Life

Other than disagreements over what is best for children, financial matters are the biggest source of dispute when couples divorce. Even if you agree on who will stay in the family home, for example, you may need help resolving many other issues involving dispersion of assets and debts.

Experienced Panama City property division attorney Stan Peacock will take the time to listen and understand what property is most important to you. He is adept at negotiating fair settlements that achieve our clients' important goals without costly, drawn-out litigation. However, if your divorcing spouse will not be reasonable, you will have a lawyer with plenty of hard-line negotiating and trial experience on your side.

Protecting Your Rights When It Comes To Asset Division

Stan Peacock is a genuinely caring, highly responsive resource for people who need help navigating the complex process of property division in a Florida divorce. He will explore options and look for favorable compromises to help you get through divorce in the best possible shape financially. This includes advocating for you in matters such as:

  • Any dispute over valuable assets such as your home, other real estate, vehicles, business interests, pensions, retirement accounts and other investments
  • Either spouse's desire to keep specific property such as a gun collection, jewelry or family heirlooms
  • Aggressive defense of any assets you brought into the marriage as separate property, excluding them from mandatory division as marital property
  • Forcing your husband or wife to provide a full financial disclosure if you suspect hidden assets or income exist
  • Ensuring your rights are protected in matters of child support and spousal support as well as the division of property

Work Closely With A Skilled Negotiator And Proven Trial Lawyer

Applying decades of legal experience, attorney Stan Peacock takes an assertive yet practical approach to the financial aspects of divorce. Reaching a settlement out of court if possible will save everyone involved time, grief and money. Stan will help you make sound decisions and stand up for you whether you are facing a military divorce, a high-asset divorce with millions of dollars on the line, or a relatively straightforward case with modest assets and debts to be divided.

Contact Our Family Law Attorney

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