Divorcing Later In Life Can Present Unique Challenges

We Will Help You Frame The Next Phase Of Life

While the overall divorce rate has decreased since the 1980s, the divorce rate of couples over 50 has increased greatly nationwide. People live longer than ever and are deciding it does not make sense to spend 20 years or more together after becoming empty nesters if they are not happily married. Many women have established their own careers and are more financially independent.

While so-called "grey divorce" avoids the stress of working through child custody and support issues, there are many factors about these divorces that can make them more complex than one might suspect. For starters, couples over 50 often have substantial savings in many different accounts.

At the law office of Stanley E. Peacock, P.A., we help couples in this situation work through the process of properly valuing and dividing marital assets, including:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Stock portfolios
  • Investment real estate and other non-liquid assets
  • Profit sharing agreements
  • Military Retirements
  • Civilian Federal & State Employment Retirements

Be Aware Of Tax Consequences

The tax consequences of property division are a critical component in any divorce, but will be even more complex in a divorce involving the distribution of significant assets. It is especially important to work with an attorney like Stan Peacock, who understands how to properly assess property division and the impact it has on his clients in terms of taxes. As your lawyer, Stan will review all options with you and steer you to an agreement that makes the most financial sense.

He has extensive experience working with qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), which grant a right to a portion of the retirement benefits earned by a person's former spouse through an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Stan Peacock also works with Certified Public Accountants and other related tax experts when needed in individual cases.

In addition to dividing retirement savings, someone over 50 who gets divorced may have to consider health care benefits for the first time. We will keep that and other expenses in mind when resolving asset division.

Learn More About What To Expect

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