Protecting Your Parental Rights In Divorce

When any marriage with children breaks down, both parents must put their kids' best interests first. It is important to recognize this is the primary concern of Florida courts in every divorce case. Therefore, dealing with this issue effectively must also be your top priority as a loving mother or father.

Understanding Guidance And Dedicated Defense Of Your Rights As A Parent

Negotiating a custody and visitation agreement that offers maximum stability for children and ongoing quality time with both parents can be very challenging. Parents who no longer communicate well often disagree intensely about what is best, and there are many misconceptions about the range of options available.

Experienced Panama City child custody attorney Stan Peacock will get to know you and respect your goals involving your children. Important considerations include the need to resolve all of the following before you can finalize your divorce:

Physical custody (also called residential custody) — which determines whether children will live primarily or exclusively with one parent or split their time living with each.

Legal custody — which determines whether both parents or only one will have authority to make decisions about children's education, religious upbringing, activities and other important matters.

A visitation (also called parenting time) schedule that specifically outlines when and for how long the noncustodial father or mother will have the children.

The amount of monthly child support payments to be paid, based on parents' incomes, children's needs and other factors.

Skilled Representation In Negotiations And In Court

At Stanley E. Peacock, P.A., we emphasize collaboration and negotiation because leaving family issues for a judge to decide often results in an outcome that makes no one happy. However, you can count on experienced lawyer Stan Peacock to fight for you every step of the way through trial if that is the only way to protect your most important relationships.

Stan represents men and women from all walks of life in North Florida, and he has a strong grasp of the unique issues involving children of a military divorce. He is adept at developing creative, detailed parenting plans that are mutually acceptable to both parties.

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