Injury Accidents Involving Drunk Driving Can Result In Felony Charges

It Is Critical To Enlist Help From An Experienced Lawyer

If you are convicted of causing serious bodily injury or of killing someone while driving drunk, you can face a lengthy prison sentence. It is crucial that you obtain legal representation immediately.

A conviction of DUI manslaughter carries a minimum mandatory prison time, depending upon the number of deceased victims, the blood alcohol level of intoxication and any prior convictions. Conviction of DUI with serious bodily injury may also carry a minimum or mandatory prison time depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. The sentences are based on one victim, so with each person who is killed or injured, the mandatory prison sentence will increase.

At the law firm of Stanley E. Peacock, P.A., our Panama City defense lawyer has decades of experience both as a prosecutor and a public defender. We are committed to building a rock solid defense on your behalf and keeping you out of prison.

Penalties For Causing A DUI/DWI Accident Are Strict

DUI/DWI accidents that result in serious bodily injury or death are taken very seriously by law enforcement and prosecutors. They are intent on making sure you face harsh punishments for injuring or killing another individual while drinking and driving. As your defense attorney, Stanley Peacock will aggressively and thoroughly explore all avenues of defense — from investigating the blood test results and witness statements to challenging the manner in which evidence was obtained and the procedures used by law enforcement.

Our firm secures all relevant facts of your case, and we have a reputation in the community for doing all the necessary homework and preparation. We are dedicated to making sure that we know your DUI/DWI story better than anyone in the courtroom.

Stan Peacock has more than 30 years of trial experience. When you or a loved one is facing serious criminal charges with serious potential punishments, you can feel confident with attorney Peacock on your side. He is backed by decades of knowledge and successful results.

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