Help Expunging A Conviction Or Sealing A Criminal Record

Have you applied for a state license and been denied because of a criminal conviction in your past? Perhaps you are concerned that employers will reject you immediately when they perform a background check. You may be applying to colleges or have any of a number of other important reasons to explore legal options for cleaning up your record.

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When it comes to reducing the impact of a past criminal record, expungements and record sealing are the two main remedies available. Panama City expungements attorney Stan Peacock knows the laws and procedures for both in depth. He will look hard at your case and determine whether you may be eligible for either:

Expungement of a past conviction, which means permanent destruction of the records pertaining to your case.

Record sealing, a useful but less comprehensive solution that may accomplish your immediate goals — although a judge could later order the file to be unsealed under certain circumstances.

We Will Work Hard To Achieve Your Goals

You can count on dedicated criminal defense lawyer Stan Peacock for honest answers about your ability to clear your record through expungement or seal that record from public view. He is a former prosecutor and public defender with extensive knowledge of what to do and how judges make these decisions.

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A mistake made on a wild night years ago should not haunt you for the rest of your life. A lapse in judgment that led to a juvenile conviction or a decision to plead guilty that you now regret may be something we can overcome together.

Stan Peacock will welcome your call and provide a straightforward consultation on your case. Contact us online or call 850-215-2112 to schedule an initial consultation. He will not offer false hope if expungement or record sealing is not available. If there is a way to help, he will make it his mission to deliver for you.